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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Whoaww!!! gulp..gulp

Mondays are hard actually :-((
Because when Mondays come, Mommy and Abah *especially  don't have much time with si kecik.
Only on weekend Zara and I can spent our quality time with abah.
And last Sunday, we did not go to any shopping malls or other places as usual.
But, we just went to Zara aunt's house and met other family members.
We also had exciting activities together--it's like family day for us.
One of the exciting activities -- swimming!!!
Here are some pictures to share with :-))
start the session with warming up. she's trying to adapt herself while at pool phase.
she was  really enjoyed with her swimming session and mommy was in worried mood at  the side of the pool.
mommy not a fish that can swim even in a bowl of water. hahaha
"Zara, sorry. Your mommy do not know how to swim". * embarrassed*
the swimming session for today is over. but she's still in excited mood. 
chit chat time with her abah. See their face. Really funny and  make me smile :-)
Zara told her abah, "abah, why are you drown me into the pool and I gulp plenty of water; then you are expecting me to float by myself ?" :-(( 
And, her abah said, "Nope, I never leave you alone unguarded or unsupervised. So, don't worry" :-))
they are really TIRED. at one time, Zara will awake and dreaming  that she 's still underwater.


  1. ha ha ha.. good point to make sure she's got a very high self-esteem!

  2. 2 la..lgpun ni la cara terbaik utk dia belajar alert dan bersedia utk masa depan...